one of florida's safest neighborhoods

Crime will soon be a thing of the past in Miami's landmark Coral Gate neighborhood after residents have united to launch a network of license plate-reading and motion-activated cameras throughout the neighborhood to deter criminals and help police successfully investigate and solve crimes.

FLOCK is the new standard in neighborhood security, giving police the evidence needed to make an arrest and yield a conviction via footage gathered from state-of-the-art weatherproof LTE solar-powered cameras featuring an innovative search interface and the ability to capture clear footage of vehicles, motorcycles, bikes and pedestrians up to 75 feet away day and night, regardless of weather conditions. 

Every entrance, exit and major thoroughfare in Coral Gate is under 24/7 365 video surveillance, ensuring anyone who commits a crime in the neighborhood will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. “In addition to our prime location, beautiful mid-century homes and idyllic canopy, safety, security and peace of mind are — and will always be — the most treasured amenities in Coral Gate," says Jorge Arauz, who launched the FLOCK initiative. "Thanks to a unified force of proactive residents who are always a step ahead of crime trends, we will continue to be recognized as one of the nation's safest communities.”

Coral Gate is the first neighborhood in the City of Miami to implement this revolutionary security technology.

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